Other Publications
Nadi Jane, Kachi Neempatarao Jane
A collection of poems by Amarendra Chakravorty
ISBN : 81-86891-53-6

Price : INR 40.00

Kavita Parichay
A collection of poems by Amarendra Chakravorty
ISBN : 81-86891-15-3

A discussion on 40 famous poems by 21 renowned poets - Compiled and Edited by Amarendra Chakravorty.
Price : INR 280.00

Nekrer Chokh
Daniel Pennac, Translated into Bengali by : Maitrayi Nag
ISBN : 81-86891-59-5

This novel by famous French writer Daniel Pennac, celebrated for his contribution in French literature,has proved his excellence in children's literature beyond doubt. It is suitable for children of all age group.
Price : INR 70.00

Neel Pahar Periye
G. Mend-Ooyo, Translated from English into Bengali by : Amarendra Chakravorty
ISBN : 81-86891-60-9

Fairy tale of renowned Mongolian poet Gombojavin Mendoyo. The whole book has been delicately illustrated with pictures of a Mongolian painter.
Price : INR 70.00

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