Other Publications
Amarendra Chakravorty

Dui satabdi japone Jibonto Akibuk i 1st Novel of Amarendra Chakravorty.
(For Indian Buyers)
Price : INR 230.00

Bangla Pratyaya
Sisir Kumar Acharya
ISBN : 81-86891-73-0

Price : INR 110.00

Nimphuler Madhu
Amarendra Chakravorty
ISBN : 81-86891-00-5

A collection of 18 short stories by Amarendra Chakravorty.
Price : INR 70.00

Mrityur Adhik Ei Mere Phela
A collection of poems by Amarendra Chakravorty
ISBN : 81-86891-70-6

Collection of poems of different feeling.
Price : INR 70.00

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