Children Publications
Amar Chhelebela
Purnendu Patri
ISBN : 81-86891-10-2

Twenty seven short poems and illustrations by the author make this a collectible.
Price : INR 28.00

Hariner Sange Khela
Amarendra Chakravorty

Little Kush sets out to find his parents with the help of Bunya, his deer friend.
Price : INR 25.00

Choruier Sange
Kanai Lal Chakravorty

With his sparrow friend, Bubun takes a tour of the animal kingdom.
Price : INR 25.00

Tiyagramer Phingenadi
Amarendra Chakravorty
ISBN : 81-86891-30-7

The ballad of a river, a green village, and the villagers’ struggle against the king’s soldiers.