Children Publications
Mahasweta Devi
ISBN : 81-86891-07-2

The author reminisces about her father and a colourful childhood.
Price : INR 35.00

Amarendra Chakravorty
ISBN : 81-86891-26-9

Thrilling tale of a young boy who lives in his queer world consisting of a small zoo at his home, a pied-piper, a red-eyed snake charmer & dacoits of Chambal.
Price : INR 30.00

Bhooter Banshi
Amarendra Chakravorty
ISBN : 81-86891-68-4

Panjo, the boy from Sunderbans & his imaginary world, and Abu, the travel guide from Gulmarg who wishes to take the road less travelled.
Price : INR 50.00

Bagh Beraler Chhara Chhobi
Maitrayi Nag
ISBN : 81-86891-47-1

Tales in rhyme about the kitten who loved to count and the tiger cub brought up with lambs.
Price : INR 40.00

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