Children Publications
Subhash Mukhopadhay

Price : INR 25.00

Kumir Hoye Jol-E Gelo
Kanailal Chakravorty
ISBN : 81-86891-75-7

The book includes two very short stories for children, by the national award winning author in children’s literature in 1970. Both the stories are adapted from traditional folktales of Bengal and written in easy language.
Price : INR 40.00

Aashadhe Galpo
Maitreyi Nag
ISBN : 81-86891-74-9

This is the delightful story of Ashare, a little girl, a teller of tall tales, and her large, eccentric family. Humour abound here, but the story is tinged with nostalgia, as the narrator, Ashare's former neighbour, looks back at her own childhood and stirs up old memories. Ashare Golpo lives up to the promise of its title to conjure up the world of make-believe and storytelling, full of the romance of a good rainy-day tale.
Price : INR 70.00

Amar Banabas
Amarendra Chakravorty

Price : INR 22.00

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