About Us
An Organization with a Mission and Vision, Swarnakshar Prakasani Pvt. Ltd. (SPPL) is a leading Kolkata based publishing house since 1983 and a trendsetter in the arena of travel, career and children’s publications with a number of award-winning books.

Travel Publications : SPPL are the publishers of India’s most acclaimed and largest circulated travel magazine BHRAMAN. Now in its 21st year,  BHRAMAN is the most read travel magazine in India. Bhraman has an average issue readership of 3,51,000 (Indian Readership Survey 2012 Q2), which is 1,67,000 more than Outlook Traveller and 2,20,000 more than India Today Travel Plus. The magazine is also available online at www.ebhraman.com. Besides the travel magazine the house also has a number of best sellers on travel.

The magazine’s website www.bhraman.com has been the first step towards the web media and proved to be a trendsetter in the industry as a popular travel website among the serious travelers from India and overseas.

TV PROGRAMME ON Travel : Spun off from the experience and expertise of BHRAMAN, the television travel programmes produced by Bhraman Teledivision are unique in its form and flavour. In November 2004 the magazine’s Chief Editor adventured into the distant land of Antarctica to capture the most rare footages for the television programme and travel VCDs.

Travel VCD : The commendable success of the travel programms telecast daily and weekly had been the inspiration to compile and produce them as VCD. The VCDs launched at the Kolkata Book Fair 2004, received immense appreciation and generated high demand.

Career Publication : Founded by Amarendra Chakravorty in 1980, KARMAKSHETRA, the weekly on employment and self-employment guidance, became the largest circulated Bengali magazine within a decade (Audit Bureau of Circulations Jan-June ’89) and now in its 33rd year the weekly magazine enjoys the highest readership amongst all Bengali magazines (Indian Readership Survey 2012, Q2).

KARMAKSHETRA, a weekly magazine on employment and self-employment guidance, is one of the top 10 best selling magazines in India, with an average issue readership of 11,68,000 (Indian Readership Survey 2012, Q2), and 1,99,902 copies sold per issue (ABC Report Jan-June 2012), which makes it the best selling magazine in Bengali. KARMAKSHETRA is also available online at www.ekarmakshetra.com.

PESHAPROBESH, a monthly magazine on competitive examinations and career guidance, holds the top rank in its category of magazines, with a sale of 77,222 per issue (ABC Report Jan-June 2012), and an average issue readership of 2,91,000 (Indian Readership Survey 2012, Q2).

CHELEBELA is a new publication from Swarnakshar Prakasani. A monthly magazine for children.

Founder and Chief architect of Swarnakshar Prakasani Pvt. Ltd., Amarendra Chakravorty is a renowned Poet, Litterateur, Magazine Editor, Travel Film-maker and the author of a number of award-winning books, some of which have been translated in major Indian languages and also English, Japanese, Georgian and Mongolian.

Company : Swarnakshar Prakasani Pvt. Ltd.
Address : 29/1A, Old Ballygunge 2nd Lane; Kolkata – 700019. India.
Telephone : +91-33-22808818; 22835526; 22832320;
Fax : 91-33-22876448
Email :  info@swarnakshar.in; swarnakshar.prakasani@gmail.com
Epaper : www.ebhraman.com; www.ekarmakshetra.com
Website : www.swarnakshar.in; www.bhraman.com

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